Yvonna, Eladrin Wizard

I'm a relatively humble person, but this time I'm tooting my own horn.  This miniature turned out great.  It doesn't hurt that it was a great miniature before it was painted; this was the "Iconic Oracle" mini from Reaper's licensed Pathfinder series.  In the Advanced Player's Guide you can see the artwork that inspired the Oracle, and I clearly went with a very different paint scheme (and painted her belly to make is look like part of the dress.

This mini represents Yvonna, an eladrin wizard played by one of the new players in my D&D 4E campaign.  I painted her to the specification of the player--dark green and silver.  I think she was hoping for a strong "Lord of the Rings" vibe.  Anyways, it looks good, although I wish there were more contrast between the silver headdress and the light gray/white hair.

Speaking of my D&D game, here's a pic of last night's session.  We're being charged by three dragonkin with hobgoblin monk riders.


  1. Wow, great job on her. Reaper makes some great minis and your paint job certainly more than does this one justice. I like that you painted her belly to look like the dress. That is a much more elegant look. Great in-game pic, too.

  2. She is a great looking mini. Very nicely done.


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