Aukan, Goliath Warden

You know, there are not a lot of great Goliath figures from Wizards of the Coast.  I'm got the plastic one from the DDM line, but he's not great and his head look funny.  So when my son wanted a fig of his own to represent his goliath warden, I went looking for bald guys in other ranges.  This one is a half-orc barbarian from Reaper Miniatures (the best source of fantasy RPG figures for PC's, in my opinion) painted up to look like a stone-based goliath.  He's got a lot of colors in common with the eladrin wizard, adding to a nice "pseudo-uniform" look for the team.  Plus, to give Reaper credit, he's a great figure with lots of easy-to-paint detail.

In other news, February was a solid month for me on the hobby front. I got a good number of figures painted, played a wargame, played in my RPG campaign a few times.  Like I said--a solid month for one that traditionally isn't always so great.  March may be a bit of a slow month for me though.  Work tends to pick up, there may be some vacation days in there, etc.  We'll see.


  1. Beautiful job on that Goliath. Skin tone is very good and he is a very cool sculpt.


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