Greatcoat Troopers and the May wrap-up

It's a day or two early to be doing an end-of-the-month thing, but I had a quiet evening and thought I'd go ahead and let everyone know what I'm up to.

First, I spent an additional $15 this week on a can of Army Painter's Desert Yellow.  It's really a great khaki color, and I thought would have loads of uses, especially because I've been challenged by a friend to a few games of Tomorrow's War.  I thought about just using my Brazen Claws, but he will be using a Space Marines army in the battle, so I went another route. I own three or four boxes of Wargames Factory's Greatcoat Troopers (bought in a spur of "ooh shiny!" hysteria) as well as one of their box sets of heavy weapons.  I'll get a workable army out of them and, since I'm a bit of a painting snob who doesn't like to field bare plastic armies, thought I'd speed paint the lot of them.  So a quick primer of Desert Yellow, some basic painting on the details, and a fast splash by Minwax's Bombay Mahogany.  For the test I used five guys that had already been assembled, but I had used the snowtrooper helmets which I don't like as much now.  Moreover they had already been primed white even thought I hadn't textured the bases before priming like a usually do.  That meant having to come up with some sort of basing material after the fact.  Here's the final result--you can let me know what you think.

This means I have five more miniatures for the monthly total, bringing it up to eleven: four gangers from my zombie game (featured on that blog), the owlbear, and these five guys.  Eleven is a little under what I need in terms of a monthly average, but between the other months (which oscillate between highly productive and highly unproductive) I'm actually halfway to my goal, but only five months in.  So there's a little wiggle room, but not much.

As I said earlier, I spent $54.50 this month out of a possible $60.00, leaving me $5.50 to roll over into next month.  I considered taking the leftover money and putting it towards some charitable institution as a way of making me ask "do I really need this" but my charitable giving isn't bad, and besides then I could never buy anything over $60 all year long.  So it rolls over, not a lot, but it rolls over.

So, let's review the past month:
Painting Pledge: On track
Frugality Pledge: Still in the black
Play One Wargame a Month Pledge: Played ATZ earlier this month
Play One RPG session a Month: My sandbox D&D campaign started up and is looking good

May, you've been a solid month.


  1. Excellent looking Greatcoats, I'm a big fan. I have about 18 sitting assembled but not primed on my desk right now. Someday they'll be painted.

  2. I think the Greatcoats came out very nicely. You'll soon have a great army for Tomorrow's War. And it looks like you're doing well on your Pledges, too.


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