Quick May Frugality Check-in

May is my first month on my "frugal gaming" discipline, and so far it is off to a pretty slow, I mean frugal start.  Having to constantly think and weigh options is keeping me from making snap decisions regarding purchases.  I did however make one small purchase: a set of foam sheets to use as pads on the bottom of some scratchbuilt terrain I have started.  What's more, they were 30% off at Hobby Lobby, making the pack a whalloping $3.50.

Why do I even bother counting that?  Because it is the little things that add up.

Amongst things I have been considering purchasing this month is another Hirst Arts mold, some figures for my zombie campaign, or starting a new Warhammer army.  Knowing that I can't do all of those things is actually keeping me from doing any of them at the moment.


  1. Those foam sheets are great. I bought the pack of 6x9 sheets a while back, they come in very handy and make great bases for 15mm buildings.

  2. You've peaked my curiosity! How about a tutorial incorporating their use?


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