What Frugality is forcing me to do (or not do)

So, I went ahead and purchased another item for the month of May: the Cavern Mold (#281) from Hirst Arts.

I have owned the Cavern Floor Accessories Mold (#282) for years after Mrs. Q bought it for me for Christmas one year not realizing it doesn't do a lot of good without #281.  So I borrowed #281 from a friend for several months and created a Descent game board with the intent of using it for various fantasy RPG's.  When I moved from my previous home to my current home, the board didn't come with me, in fact I sold it to a friend.

Now I'm running a D&D game again, one that might feature a substantial subterranean element, so I decided to pick up the mold for myself.  This purchase was based on a couple of reasons: first, I'd use the mold extensively (you have to cast it 36 times to create a Descent set by itself) and two, it complemented something I already owned rather than be some sort of hobby out-lier.

But, that's $36 ($29 for the mold plus $7 shipping) towards my May budget, which only leaves me with $20.50 left for May.  I could go out and spend the rest of it, but I'm thinking of banking it towards next month.

What the frugal pledge has kept me from doing is running out and picking up another RPG, namely Leverage.  I've really begun to appreciate the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game with its funky Cortex mechanics and all over the internet people have been saying how great Leverage is, which uses a similar mechanic only it has stats (my one big beef with MHR).  What's more, even though I don't watch the television show, I'm a huge fan of Burn Notice, and it seems like it would be easy to run a game of that ilk using the Leverage RPG.

But hey, Leverage is like $40, which is more than I have right now in the budget.  I'm also forced to deal with the fact that I don't have a group for this game, I've got a group running D&D.  There was a day where I'd just buy the game and read it on my nightstand for a few days and then shelve it forever, but not now.  I'm thinking that if I really want this game, I should put together a group and a date to play first, then buy the game.

Holding off means I can save the money for next month, since there are a couple of things I'd also like to get, including maybe filling out the cavern mold series with #85, the Cavern Accessories mold, which has loads of potential, and maybe either the root or water cavern molds.


  1. I absolutely love Burn Notice as well. Please keep us in the loop with how that iteration works out. I don't know which is better to paint Sam or Fiona.


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