Some Frugal Monsters

Reaper Miniatures has recently started their "Bones" line, which like their "P65" line is an attempt to offer less expensive options for miniatures.  While P65 used lower-grade metal, "Bones" uses plastic.  This isn't GW gray plastic, but a while, semi-flexible plastic similar to game pieces in some of the board games I've seen that have featured miniatures.  There's a little bend when you work them that might cause flaking, but I have painted other pieces of the same material and as long as you're not mishandling them.

Partially because I could use some big guys for my D&D game, and partially because I just like the idea of a $2.50 miniature, I recently purchased two of them from an FLGS in Ohio who actually had a discount going that knocked them down to about $2.00 a piece.

From the Reaper website
The first is the Cave Troll, who is pretty standard looking as trolls go, which makes him very serviceable.

From the Reaper website
The second is an Ogre Chieftan, which I just love because for he has some good detail and a lot of character.  His club has a face on it, reminding me of Broom from the old She-Ra series.  I could see the club talking to the ogre telling him to hit things.

So, $4.00 on the frugality pledge, and two minis to paint up in short order.


  1. Nice! Hadn't heard of these. I have a few of those cave trolls in metal, but they were pretty pricey. I bet they'd look great as a massed unit for big Warhammer-esque army battles, and affordable now too.


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