Brazen Claws Win!

Brazen Claws win!  Brazen Claws win!

This morning I tried something different--I invited two people from the 40K group that meets on Tuesday to come and game at my house this morning.  That meant Space Marines and pancakes for me.

The first match was against Khorne Berzerkers.  By the end of the battle my 1400 pt. army had been whittled down to my landspeeder, while my opponent just had a unit of bloodcrushers.  Humorously my opponent's bloodthirster was killed destroying my predator tank (it blew up, taking his last wound).
The armies of Khorne make their way across the table

Despite us virtually wiping the other army out, my opponent had four victory points to my one, making it a solid win for him.

The second game was the Brazen Claws against Necrons, which have the reputation for being a notoriously difficult army to beat.  But it was one of those games where everything went right: I made armor saves, I rolled high on vehicle damage, and continually had my librarian's psychic powers work without error.  While neither of us managed to recover "the Relic" in the game, my Brazen Claws had drawn both first blood and destroyed his Warlord, while the Necrons had made it into my deployment zone, making it 2-1 in terms of victory points, in favor of the Blue and the Red!  The Brazen Claws enjoy their first victory ever!

The Brazen Claws pile into some Necron Warriors
Needless to say I'm feeling better about these guys.  I'm wondering if I need to just start buying units that work better in Sixth Edition (e.g. assault termies and sniper scouts) rather than start a new army.


  1. Always nice to hear there's more brazen claws players out there. Keep up the good work. Have u made up any background on them? Id love to hear it. Let me know


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