Happy 4th of July!

I love me those secular holidays that don't require me to work.  I spent the Fourth with my family, going for a drive in the park, swimming at the pool, and then trying out the new Warhammer 40K rules with my son: his tyranids vs. my space marines.

Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy; I used my phone rather than a digital camera.  Mac had a better army list, including tyranid warriors with deathspitters that just tore through my bikers and one of my tactical squads.  The squad did handily deal with this termagaunts, while the other squad and a chaplain took care of a unit of genestealers and a lictor.  When the smoke cleared he still had his tyrant and the warriors, and I only had the chaplain.  I will say I forewent the vehicles just because I knew he didn't have much that could've damaged them.

The new rules were pretty smooth to implement, as a side note.