July appears to be Warhammer 40K month

So I blew my entire monthly gaming budget on a copy of the sixth edition of Warhammer 40K.  I got suckered because my FLGS was offering the book at the "introductory" price of $59.99.  I don't know what conclusions to draw from a store selling a brand new game for 20% off, but it was enough of a discount for me to take the bait.

I haven't read my way through the entire book (it's pretty big) but I have read through most of the rules sections.  There are other blogs that outline the changes in the new edition in detail but what struck me the most was the enhanced tactical role movement and miniature placement now possessed.  You can move part of a unit and have the part that didn't move count as not moving for shooting purposes.  You can now choose to "focus fire" on a portion of a unit that is out of cover and have a better chance to hit but only remove that portion of the unit as a casualty.  The new edition continues to use "true line of sight" meaning if you can see the demon prince's arm (but not wing, weapon, horn, or banner) you can shoot him.  Removing figures from units is now based on how close the figure was to the shooting unit, so putting your assault weapon in the front (where its flamer template could be most effective) is now a bit of a gamble.  The same goes for your sergeant.  It's an interesting development that makes the game less abstract rather than more abstract (which seems to be the direction other sci-fi games, like Tomorrow's War are heading).

GW also seems to be genuinely interested in getting those heavy weapon options back into troop choices, since you can now "snap fire" move-or-shoot weapons with a BS of 1 if they have moved.  It doesn't work for template weapons, but I'd be willing to shoot off a krak missle or a lascannon with a 1:6 chance of hitting while my Space Marines were legging it around the field, just on the off chance their hit something.

I have not gotten to the whole "narrative campaign" section of the book yet, although it looks promising.  I also don't know if the rules will curb the rampant use of vehicles over infantry that seems to be the usual course at my local gaming store.  I do know that I have fallen for GW's classic marketing strategy, having purchased a new rule book so I can continue to use the army on which I have spent hundreds of dollars out in the public arena (aka the "good money after bad" strategy).  As a result, I probably won't have enough for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying supplement for the Civil War.  Is this buyer's remorse?  Maybe.  It was my taking advantage of a limited-time offer to say about $15 that I would have, in all likelihood, ended up spending at some point when I decided to cart my Brazen Claws over to the FLGS in another attempt to find wargaming satisfaction outside of my own basement.

What it will do is probably inspire me to go ahead and finally finish up painting the aforementioned Brazen Claws.  I basically have two units of terminators, a unit of scouts, a razorback and a predator to paint.  45-50 points of painting, and then I could put the "Jayhawk Marines" to bed.