Brazen Claws squeak out another loss

So, my Brazen Claws, the ever-suffering Space Marines, opposed another Space Marine army.  Basically he had a tactical squad, a sniper scout squad, a devastator squad, a vindicator, a predator, a stormtalon, and two units of assault marines with a chaplain with a jetpack.  I had my typical army (just see the page for the Brazen Claws to see what I've got).  One note: I went with an epistolary library with terminator armor with a unit of assault terminators to back him up.
Need to get those scouts in the foreground painted
The scenario was "the Relic" which means 3 VP's.  He got First Blood, we both had Linebreaker, and neither had the points for killing our opponent's general.  At the end there was a hardscrabble for the Relic, and my opponent got it.
A loss, but I will say that if we were playing for points for destroyed units, I'd have had this one.  My army actually fared pretty well, but I just didn't have it at the end.