Rogar, Dragonborn Sorcerer/Elementalist

My apologies for the terrible photograph.  My good digital camera needs a new battery, so I'm using my el cheapo one that takes lousy pictures in macro mode.  I solemnly swear to post a better photo when I can, but I wanted to make sure I get this figure posted in time for the painting pledge.  I'm close to the end but I'm running out of time.

This is a Reaper mini, but he represents Rogar, a dragonborn sorcerer/elementalist from my D&D 4E campaign.  He wields two daggers in combat, but the swords look better without having their blades filed down.  The blades are black, per the request of the player, to look like they are charred from the fire he continually (on both minor and standard moves) fires from them.

Three to go!  Will I finish in time?


  1. Hi! I was wondering if you could share the conversion process? It looks great and I also have a dragonborn sorcerer in a tabletop game, this mini would be a perfect fit! Thanks!,

  2. No conversion--this is actually a mini you can just buy as-is.


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