Quick Frugality Update

At the end of 2012, I had not only met my Frugality Pledge of spending 3/5th of what I had spent in 2011, but I had even shaved it a bit lower than that, to the tune of $54.00  In early January, my wife (the RL Irene of Hard Boiled Zombies fame) made a $50 bet with me over basically the innate decency of humanity, which I won (go humanity!).  That money, I was told, could be spent however I wanted.

So, armed with a little roll-over cash and a little bonus money to my monthly allotment, I'm feeling pretty flush.  I bought a copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG at Half Price Books for $20, a cardstock food market pdf from Stoelzel's Structures for $5, and special ordered $43 worth of miniatures for my zombie game from my local gaming store, just to support the local business.

I'm halfway through the month and still fairly set.  What's more, I don't see any huge purchases looming on the horizon.  I'm still thinking it would be nice to get some serious painting in, but right now I'm enjoying running my All Things Zombie campaign, mostly with the minis I already have painted up.