More WIP Viking Hearthguard

I realized reading the Saga rules last night that while the box might call them Huscarls, the rules call them Hearthguard.  As you wish.

So I've painted 12 Viking Hearthguard, sans bases and shields.  I've started the eight Bondi that will make up the fourth and final point at this phase of army construction, and hopefully will finish them and the shields tomorrow.  I've got a warlord to paint up as well, but he may have to wait.  I'll dust off one of my earlier painted Vikings to fill in for him in necessary.


  1. Looks like you are making great progress. This should be a nice boost to your point total this year. :)

  2. Yes, I will have painted more in the last week than in the previous portion of the year. It'll get me definitely back up to a typical output level.

    The good thing is that project really has re-energized my desire to paint. I've been sort of wallowing around without a goal for some time.


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