My Next Army: Vikings!

Okay, here's the big news (for me, at least).  I decided to finally do something about the fact that I haven't really wargamed much except for the solo zombie wargame, the rare game of Mordheim, and the even more rare game of Warhammer 40K.  So, I approached Bill of Wargaming from an Armchair to see if he'd be interested in playing a game he'd recently gotten into: Saga.

Dark Ages?  That'll work.  Small number of figs?  I can paint that.  Well received rules?  I can get behind that.  Cheap minis?  Sure.  Really cheap minis....?

Just as a comparison, this cost what a Games Workshop tank does.

Here's the story.  I went to one of the gaming stores in KC because I knew I had seen these boxes there.  I like Wargames Factory minis well enough, and 32 minis for $20 isn't bad at all.  I only needed two boxes, but the guy at the counter offered to sell me the last one for only $8, since it they had been collecting dust on their shelves for years.  So, including the $8 Reaper miniature I bought for my chieftan, I spent (with tax) about $60 and got 97 Vikings, which is a few more than I needed.  About three times as many, but I don't care.  I can do something with them (even do a second army for the boy).

So, time to start painting!


  1. So its gonna be Vikings, with their attack bonuses, versus Scots, with their sneaky defense bonuses. It ought to be a fun matchup.


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