More Saga action pics

Hey, isn't this supposed to be an active blog?  You wouldn't know it lately, mostly because I've been over at the RPG blog more these days.  The reason is twofold.  One, I haven't had a ton of time to paint miniatures lately.  Two, when I've had the time, I just haven't had the mojo to do it.

Well, one thing I've learned is that the best way to get the mojo going is to take those unpainted miniatures and let them battle some painted ones.  Once the shame settles in, you'll be ready to start painting again.

So Saturday I went over to Bill's house and played with him and his friend Scott a few rounds of Saga.  We each played two games and won one and lost one, which was pretty gentlemanly of us.  Here's some photos from the action.

So, now I'm going to try very, very hard to get the rest of my six points of Vikings painted by next weekend, or at least before I play Bill again.  And since he's trying to get me to paint up a VSF force, I really need to get going because I've told myself I won't start anything else until I finish this.