The Warlord and the monthly review

I finished the warlord for my Viking warband for SAGA.  He's a brute from the Reaper line, a bit larger than the others, and a little fantastical for a historical game.  But SAGA has some distinct looseness to it that seems to allow me to get a little fantasy chocolate into my historical peanut butter.
Besides, the warlord is practically capable of handling an entire enemy unit on his own.  He can be seven feet tall if he wants.

That gets my painting total for the month to a less-than-impressive ten.  A step up from April's dismal showing, but a step down from March's impressive lot.  I have four berzerkers to paint, and then I'll be done with this project and move into some Victorian Science Fiction so I can duke it out with Bill using the GASLIGHT rules.
I'm way over budget again on the hobby frugality pledge, mostly because I've been stockpiling RPG stuff.  It's a clear sign that I'm suffering a little discontent on that side of the hobby table, but I've bought about all I want to buy for the moment, and instead am looking to resolve that discontentment instead.  Right now I have quite a few Victoria-era miniatures that I'll likely be painting up for GASLIGHT, so there's a good chance that the budget can build itself back up again.
Between that and my schedule clearing up significantly in June, I have high hopes for the upcoming month.


  1. Well he looks sufficiently mean. When he was just black primed I never really got a good look at him.

  2. Looks good. That's a pretty big base he's on. Do the rules for Saga require a big base for the Warlords?

  3. @Luckyjoe It's recommended, but I think strictly for aesthetics. There's little tactical advantage to having a larger base (since you can find either in BTB contact or be 1" away from someone who is)

  4. Thanks. I ordered the Saga rulebook a few days ago. It looks like a great game.


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