Belgian Askaris with Fezzes

I'm juggling quite a few projects right now.  In addition to casting all those new 40mm miniatures and painting 1:72 ACW guys, I'm also throwing together a GASLIGHT force for the odd pick-up game of Victorian Science Fiction.  Since I've spent a bit of money the last few months on my hobbies, I thought I would just use what I've got for GASLIGHT.

Thankfully I was really into VSF back a few years ago, during which time I picked up a bunch of Wargames Foundry figures on clearance at a RC plane/model train store that had decided at one point to foolishly dabble in historicals.  For the better part of a decade the blisters languished unpainted in bins.  Now, however, they have a new lease on life as part of my "don't spend a lot of money on this project" project.

These guys will form part of a single askari unit, along with probably two regular soldiers and a handful of characters.


  1. Askaris huh? I ain't scared of no Askaris! We are going to have to come up with a scenario for this stuff. Glad to see you are getting use out of old miniatures.


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