The first five

Here's a pic of the first five Prince August figures I've cast for my "Not Quite the Seven Years War" project.  I bought a handful of molds from a dealer and found two used ones online to get me starter, along with a simple casting kit, some lead-free metal, and a portable electric hotplate.  I had a few failed casts in there, mostly as I learned the right way to prepare and clamp the molds, but I'm hoping I have a solid technique down.

Anyways, I'm having a ton of fun with this project.  Now I need to figure out a uniform color scheme and start painting.


  1. I had started my army with a blue not too far from the Bavarian uniform. Its a shade darker. I have only about half a dozen figures painted though. I may stick with that.

  2. I wasn't thinking of green trim. I was probably going to go with different facing colors for different units.
    You available on the 27th for casting and/or Saga? I sent you an email.

  3. 27th looks good. I'll email you about details.


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