Another round of ACW Confederates

I finally finished my second sprue of 1/72 ACW Confederates.  Now that I've got the bases I need and a solid fifty or so figures, it's time to get them ready.  I will likely pick up another package of these to continue to build up the army.

But in any case, after a downright anemic August in terms of painting miniatures, it is nice to get another solid block done (in this case, 24).

Now to decide on a stupid color scheme for my NQSYW guys!


  1. Great! How many stands will that give you? I have 2 units of each done, and some more union on the way.
    I hope to get a little casting done tomorrow morning early on the NQSYW stuff. I got some more metal, and am going to try my new artillery molds.


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