ACW Battle pics

As I mentioned last post, I had a chance to get over to Bill's and play two games using our 1:72 ACW figures.  We've been using cheap IMEX figures we got from Hobby Lobby (with a coupon, making the miniatures less expensive than the bases.  The first battle we played using Hearts of Tin, the second using some homegrown rules a fellow gamer named Robert developed.  The second game was a little rough because we were all pretty unfamiliar, but it was still good.  I'll do a write-up of my thoughts about Hearts of Tin later, but for now here are the pics from the game.  Don't forget to click on the pic for a close-up!

For an army that cost less than ten dollars, I think it looks pretty good.  Bill had flocked his bases and I hadn't, so I need to "keep up with the Joneses" on this one.  We both have plenty of more plastic figures for this range, so we can continue to add to the armies for an eventual larger battle.

I forgot to mention: my Sons of the South won the first battle by a hair, but was trounced in the latter one.


  1. Were you fighting for control of the Emerald City?

  2. In the second battle may of my units were definitely in need of courage...


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