Tyranid termagaunts by Games Workshop
After my last post I realized that I needed to update my painting total for the year, and that the total is 11.  For the year.  That's...pretty low for me.  Probably the lowest in a long time.  So low that even casual viewers of this blog have mentioned it to me offline.

Ironically, I'm coming off the busiest week of the year work-wise, and it is work and lots of side things (some work related, some not) that have kept me from painting the last four months.  But maybe it is because I am no longer responsible for running the home roleplaying game that I can get in a little time to paint.  I'm sure having one of my friends comment on the number of half-finished painting projects cluttering up the house didn't hurt either.

So today I had the day off and the kids are in school and so I decided to tackle another one of those unfinished projects: four termagaunts I had started for my son's Warhammer 40K Tyranid army.  It's a pretty simple paint scheme and I had gotten the black and gray highlights painted on them months ago.  It was a simple matter to finish them up and base them today.  I don't mind getting things painted solely for the purpose of being able to put them away--it just makes space for new projects (and boosts the painting total).