July Wrap-Up

When you're running three different blogs you tend to leave one of them ignored in favor of the others.  While this one lay fallow for a month, lots of things were happening on other blogs that could, if I wanted, have ended up here.

For example, I painted up a ton of zombies for my zombie campaign.

And created a 3' by 3' modular gaming table.

I also painted up a fellow for the Mass Effect RPG in which I'm playing.

I bought two RPG's (pre-release D&D Player's Handbook) and the latest Shadowrun edition, which took a huge bite out of my hobby budget, but now that it is August it is nicely replenished.

So all told, a productive month.  I need to do some specifically wargaming stuff to add content to this blog (or finally reconcile them all together like I've been talking about for ages).