2014 in Review

What can I say about 2014, when it comes to wargaming?  Not a whole lot.  While I consistently did roleplaying games throughout the year, my wargaming was pretty hit-and-miss.  I played an ACW game and a WW2 game, and did a bunch of casting of miniatures.  I painted 71 figures, which is pretty good for some people, but probably the lowest number for me in five years at least.  I'm not beating myself up too badly about it--that number is more an observation than anything.

But an observation of what?  Well for one thing the kids are growing up a bit and have more going on after school, but can't drive themselves.  That takes up time.

In addition, I really haven't had a project or a goal to work on.  If you don't have a direction, the tendency is to just meander about, which is pretty much what I did all year long.  I got the ACW figures finished and then plateaued pretty quickly.  It's reflected in my frugality pledge, which despite having a lower monthly budget than 2014 I ended up spending even less than last year when it came to coming in under budget.  In theory I could spend $155 today and still come in right at the wire.

But, there is some good news on the horizon, for those who actually like content on this blog.  For one thing, I met up with a wargaming group that has members here in my own town, rather than in the big city.  That means I can get together for some games more often.  Moreover we have decided on a project for the beginning of the new year: All Quiet on the Martian Front.  I need to paint up 500 points of Martians by then, but that shouldn't be too hard.  Having a goal will get me going, I hope.

Thanks for following me into the new  year, and enjoy your hobbies!


  1. Sounds like a whole lot going on. Here's to a fun and productive New Year to you and your family.


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