6MMRPC Week 2

This last week was a lot more productive than the first week.  Not surprising, given that I'm now at home and not away on work.

So I've finished nine Space Rangers by ICE, now made by EM-4.  They have the same dark blue and white color scheme of earlier ones I've painted, so that they all match.  I did decide to abandon the silver weapons.  Those just seemed too "Flash Gordon," not that Flash Gordon is bad, just not what I was looking for with these guys.  From a "realistic" standpoint, I just can't believe that people would make shiny guns, reflecting light out there on the battlefield, even if you are clomping around in power armor.

So two weeks down.  I'm not really anxious about not buying miniatures and "can I make it six months without giving in."  I'm just enjoying having a little wind in my sails when it comes to doing something hobby-related.


  1. 9 less on your to-do list. well done!

  2. Indeed, it's a great joy just to be seeing some progress being made on one's own figs.

    One option for the weapons might be to add a bit of the blue (or white) from the main fig onto certain panels or bands. The bit that holds the upper and lower 'tubes' looks to be a likely candidate.

    I also like to dry brush some metallics (very little) or highlight with some mid tone grey onto the obvious 'metal' items. Kinda bridges the divide between unrealistically gleaming metal, and flat matte black.

  3. They look good! What system are they for?


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