6MMRPC Week 3

A particularly busy week at work again, but I did manage to get a couple of things done.

First, I assembled most of the remaining Space Rangers and spray primed them blue. Now I need to parcel them out into batches so I don't burn out painting the same thing over and over again. 

I've done several modular dungeons, most recently a gothic one, but I have done one using the cavern floor tiles before. Here's a shot of an assembled tile painted black. 

And here's five painted first dark greenish gray and then khaki brushed on top. It's a good start to the project so far. 

So three weeks in. No real completed projects yet but plenty is stuff happening. 


  1. Those dungeon tiles look great. That's something I've been wanting to try myself.

  2. The dungeon tiles look like the type of item that paints up to a satisfying point very fast. If you just keep making progress on anything the projects should start taking care of themselves.

  3. Burnout is a terrible risk with large armies, I also parcel them out. Also, those dungeon tiles look awesome! I'm going to be scratchbuilding cobblestone bases and roads, so I'm very interested in your tile making process.


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