6MMRPC: Week 8.5

I didn't manage to get anything painted during the eighth week, but a couple of days into the ninth week I finished up my Mordheim Cult of the Possessed warband.  I had started them long ago but never finished them.  Now, they are completely painted and ready to comb Mordheim for treasure and leave destruction in their wake.

I was really, really unhappy with the Possessed, because I got in a rush and used red ink on the face.  I should have let the ink dry before using blue ink on the hair.  Well, the blue ink ran right into the red ink and flowed along the face, making it look like the face had been crying with mascara.

After trying to blot as much as possible off, I had to repaint the face and neck, which was not fun, but manage to roughly salvage it.  Sigh.

So I finished a unit, which should entitle me to a joker, but I haven't even spent one yet so we'll see if I need it.


  1. Sorry to hear of your inking (near) disaster. I know I've run to the sink a few times to flood my mini with water to try and save a bad inking. It often....helps.

    Cool looking buildings....are they hirst blocks?

    1. It was really my own fault, and the result of going too fast.

      They are Hirst Arts blocks, specifically the fieldstone wall mold and the fieldstone ruin mold. They are two of my favorites because you can just bang out a gazillion pieces of great looking terrain easily with them.

  2. You've got some nice looking models there, well done!

  3. I'd say the joker was warranted. Good looking unit. Glad the possessed fix wasn't too tricky - though the idea of the mascara running kinda does make it sound all the more freaky, which sounds appropriate for a demon, right?


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