6MMRPC Week 9

So, a quick week since I posted just a few days ago, but I did get one figure painted, a Bugbear Warrior from the Reaper Bones 2 Kickstarter.

After I finished, I realized there were no less than three others in the box, all identical, so I have started getting them up to speed.

So, I don't know if it counts as using a Joker, but I bought a copy of Frostgrave, the new fantasy skirmish game from Osprey.  The basic set-up is that each player fields a wizards leading a retinue composed of a group of followers and an optional apprentice against one another in a demolished fantasy city.  There are campaign options similar to Mordheim, but what is really nice is you are not confined to a manufacturer's miniatures, but can use anything that fits the bill.  I'll take it for a test drive soon.


  1. Rules are not a joker (nor terrain for that matter). It's hard to get a good look at your product (small size in the pic) but the skin tones are looking pretty sweet. I like the limited red trim use...looks sharp.

  2. Bugbear looks the part - very nicely done.

    I'd say it counts as a Joker. Jus' sayin'. :P

  3. Funny you mention Frostgrave...I was going to talk to you about that on Sunday!


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