Someone Else's Nightmares

Since Warhammer Fantasy Battles has turned into a huge hash, a lot of people have found comfort in Mantic's Kings of War, and I'm one of them.  So is a friend of mine, and he's trying to build up a KoW army using the new "Nightmares" list, which is sort of their demons, I guess.

To do this, he's using a bunch of Confrontation miniatures that he's been holding onto the last ten years.  And he's asked me to paint them up.

I'm not sure what this big wolfman thing is, but I have to say that he painted up really nicely.

And then there are these spooky knights.  My friend didn't give me their hands and swords--he'll attach those later.  Frankly it meant that they were easier to paint.

So, a day off spent painting and it looks pretty good.  Now I have to get my own dwarfs all put together so I can have my own army.


  1. And I finished painting the pike unit for the Kingdoms of Man army too!


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