First game of Kings of War

Well I've been talking about Mantic's Kings of War for a while, and finally this last weekend got my first game in: my dwarfs versus John's Empire.

The original set up.  I just want to say that I've done a lot of the painting for the Empire side too...
So short story--I lost.  Mostly because I didn't know the rules well and played it a lot like Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  Which Kings of War isn't.  For one thing, you can shoot through friendly units on the same level.  For another, you don't get "smack backs" in close combat.  The charger hits the unit, does damage, and sees if they break. Fini.  The other unit can only hit back on their turn.  That makes timing charges critical for the game.

Here's a shot near the end,  I had a late rally and did some real damage, but by then I was without hope.  Next time I'll be playing smarter (and harder).