Brother Chamberlain, Brazen Claws Dread

In the Battle for Vedros box set there's a multi-melta dreadnought who doesn't have a multi-melta in the rules.  For shooting, there's only a storm bolter, which is on the other power fist.  But in any case, I was ready to paint this guy up.  I already have two, Brothers Naismith and Phogallen, but I wanted this one to look differently than Phogallen, who is also a multi-melta dread.  So Brother Chamberlain has a lot more battle damage, dirt, and rust on him, including a claw mark likely from some run-in with tyranids.

And with this miniature completed, I'm getting closer to my painting total for 2014.  Once I make that, it is a lot harder to catch up to the 2013.  In 2013 I was painting up tons of Vikings and ACW figures which made for an impressive haul.  I'm not sure if I can match it with 40K figures, although in 2011 and 2012 I painted quite a few Brazen Claws to two of my highest years ever.


  1. Shouldn't he be bouncing an orange spore pod (or squig)?

  2. Around the FLGS my army is jokingly called the Jayhawk Marines.


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