Impulse buying, wargaming edition

As I mentioned on my RPG blog, recently I went on a bit of a spending bender and picked up quite a few things (often used).  On a single trip to Half Price Books last week I managed to snag the following:

Field of Glory got a lot of good reviews when it came out, and I haven't had a chance to do much historical wargaming outside of the odd game of Saga in the last few years.  I'll have to compare it to Hail Caesar to see which one seems more approachable.

I liked Osprey's Ronin, and had a chance to look over a friend's copy of In Her Majesty's Name previously.  It's not my favorite of the lot, but could be a fun "club" game to do with friends.

A friend of mine tried to organize a game of All Quiet on the Martian Front before he moved away and I even painted up some Martian tripods so I could participate.

Well the game never happened but I still have the miniatures (which were fun to assemble and paint, by the way).  So snagging the not-so-easy-to-find hardcover rulebook made sense, especially since it sounds like the company may be belly up.

It really feels like right now I'm spoiled for choices on what projects to work on, and what games to play.  I'm almost done with the Space Marines for Battle for Vedros, and would like to get a few more quick games of that in with my son and his friends.  I could play Kings of War at any time using my old Warhammer Fantasy dwarf army.  I haven't really looked, but I could cobble together a Frostgrave warband with little trouble.

Of the three, I suspect I'm mostly likely to play Field of Glory.  The struggle to get appropriate miniatures knocks AQotMF out of the top spot, and I've got several other skirmish games I could and wish to play before In Her Majesty's Name.  I'll give myself until I finish the last pieces of the Space Marine band before I decide what I might do next, though.

Comments welcome.