3D Printed Terrain

Click for a larger picture
My brother-in-law is a science and electronics whiz and always up on the latest technology.  So it's no surprise that he's already into the 3D printing thing.  Last week he gave me a bunch of wargaming terrain, and this is the first of the lot: some barricades and a container.  Not too hard to paint up, and I avoided putting labels or designs on them so they won't preclude themselves from being used in lots of genres.

I have no idea how hard it was to make these--I will have to ask, but it is pretty cool that he could cobble these together using free designs off the internet and give them to me.


  1. They look very useful. Can you find out who makes the .stl files? Or did your brother in law design them?

  2. (Not hard at all, really. And keeps getting cheaper.)


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