What happened

It's not like I didn't do ANYTHING during that time...
So, like sixteen, seventeen months with no posts on this blog.

What happened?  Got separated.  Moved out of my house.  Got divorced.  Got primary custody of the my kids.  Purchased my old from my ex and me and moved back in.  Got into a serious relationship.  Getting remarried later this year.

During that time I did manage to continually run an RPG campaign (chronicled over at Graph Paper Games), first Bash, and then Dungeons & Dragons.  For the latter I have been working studiously on making a new modular dungeon for the game, but haven't been painting much in the way of miniatures.  And besides, this is my wargaming blog...

But on the horizon, things are slowing down in my life and beginning to settle into a pattern.  Free time is opening up again, and I'm wanting to get back to painting and maybe trying to organize a good day to do a little wargaming.

I'm spoiled for options.  There's the new Warhammer 40K, of which I have the starter set.  There's the Walking Dead miniatures game, of which I also have the starter set.  Then sometimes I just think to myself, "let's just do pirates or something."

But in any case, I do hope to reinvigorate this blog in some way, shape, or form.  So thanks for hanging in there.


  1. Sorry to hear about the troubles, brother, but happy too to hear that they're being worked out. Glad to hear from you again!


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