The last s-post you'll see here for a while...hopefully

There's a term out there called s---posting (sorry, I tend to keep it clean here) where a person posts something on his or her blog of no apparent value.  A lot of people do it.  Most people do it.  I've been known to do it from time to time.
There's variations of the theme, and then there's people who just do nothing but s---post.  I tend to do it when I haven't been doing anything noteworthy in terms of my hobbies.  Which, as you've probably noticed, has been pretty much all of March.
But, I took a week off from everything (except my in-laws, which is really saying something) and had a little sit-down with myself to talk about What I Should Be Doing.  There's a couple of projects that I just need to start pounding away upon, and I think I've got them pretty prioritized.  Sadly for my buying impulses, I own the minis for all of them already:

  • My son's tyranids.  I've had these guys for a long time, and yet have only done these guys.  What's worse is that they aren't that hard to paint, in terms of a color scheme.
  • Orks.  I've got the starter army from the 40K box set.  I could get these guys painted up for my son or I to use in some practice games as well.
  • Shock Troops (Wargames Factory).  I've got a friend who is hassling me to put together a small army for some games of Tomorrow's War.
  • Zombies.  I still have a ton of those guys left to go.
That's four reasonable and not-overwhelming projects, not to mention all the other stuff.  When I get back, I'm going to get started on one of them right away, and get some pics up here to boot.  So get ready for some more content, gentle readers.