Tuesday, March 29, 2016

90,000 Page Hits

I hit a weird benchmark today: 90,000 page hits to this website.  Since it'll take me the better part of a year to hit 100,000 I thought I would just give myself a little "woohoo" today.

Thanks for reading!  Now where are my next dwarfs...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Rounding out two units

So in order get up to KoW unit size standards, I need to add a handful of guys to my dwarf riflemen and rangers.  So a few GW plastic Thunderers and some old school Rangers later, and we are one step closer to my fully painted army.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Actually Collecting an Army

It has been, well, a very long time since I put the time in on collecting an actual army, despite what the blog's title says.  But with Kings of War, I'm ready to give it another shot.

I am going to stand on the shoulders of giants, or in this case dwarfs, though, because I'm going to use the old WHFB dwarf army I had been working on previously as the core of the new army.  My goal is to put together 1500 points by the time I'm through.

Here's the tentative layout

2 Regiments of Ironclad (220 pts)
1 Regiment of Ironguard (160 pts)
1 Troop of Berzerkers (125 pts)
1 Troop Ironwatch Crossbows (100 pts)
1 Troop Ironwatch Rifles (115 pts)
1 Troop Rangers (135 pts)
1 Troop Shieldbreakers (90 pts)
Ironbelcher Cannon (110 pts)
Dwarf King (120 pts)
Steel Behemoth (250 pts)

Total: 1425 pts, leaving me 75 points for odds and ends.  Total miniatures: 116

Now I can already tell you that some of these units are already painted up (e.g. the Rifles, the Rangers, the Ironbelcher, the Shieldbreakers).  Others have at least a good chunk already painted (the Ironclad, the Crossbows).  I'm a purist, if a rare partaker, which means I want a fully painted army where every figure is represented.

So next up, an accounting of what I already have, just to see how much of a head start I have.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dwarf Rangers

I'm continuing to work on getting my dwarf Kings of War army painted, using mostly, if not entirely, Warhammer Fantasy dwarf miniatures I already own.  A while ago (like seven or eight years) I bought a bunch of "Oldhammer" dwarf minis from a junk bin at a FLGS, and now they are finally getting painted.  Here's eight dwarf rangers ready to join the army!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Mordheim beastman

I was going through an old pin of unpainted and partially-painted miniatures when I stumbled across this beastman from the old Mordheim line, only primed and with a little paint on it.  I just decided to give this guy a break and get him painted up.  He matches my old Chaos warband (rather than my Chaos army, which has a different theme).

Next, back to dwarfs.  I think.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Adding to the dwarf army

It's been a while since I've painted dwarfs but I'm trying to build up an army for Kings of War. These guys had a rough, pitted layer of black primer which didn't make painted too terrible, but it really caused the Minwax wood stain to really cling to the surfaces more than usual, making them darker than the others I painted in the same way.  Not so much that they would really stand out, just different from my own eye.

Anyways, it's three figures off the plastic pile that's been gathering dust for years, so I'm pretty excited to get them done.


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