Old Stuff Day

Over at Warhammer 39,999 Rob has proposed that March 2, 2011 be "Old Stuff Day"

The idea is to highlight the greatest posts of your blog, long after they have faded to the obscurity of the archives.  In the spirit of that, I added the sidebar widget of popular posts, only to find that I don't consider some of the most popular ones to be the most interesting IMHO.  So, here's a list of my favorites:

The finished Numidian Army  How often does a person actually complete a stated goal?  It was so great getting all of these guys done.

An Uncomfortable Topic  I broach the sensitive issue of overweight gamers (including yours truly) and pledge to lose weight while rewarding myself with miniatures.  Side note: I lost the weight and kept it off.  I've actually considered relaunching this to whittle off a little bit more.

The Desert Island Where I announce that I'm moving and making some huge changes to my hobby lifestyle.

I can't help but notice that my big three are all having to do with my personal life as much as what I paint.  I did see the previous year's "Year in Review" made the most popular list, which is cool because I like that one as well.  I have noticed that I tend to replow the same field over and over again: namely that I'm not gaming nearly as much as I want.  I'm still working on that.