Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brazen Claws Terminators

I finally got the space marine terminator squad from the Black Reach box set painted for my Brazen Claws.

I realized after I had taken the photo that I had forgotten to paint the loincloth-thing on the sergeant, which has now been remedied for me.  These guys didn't do so well on the first time out full painted, but I don't know who could take the entire left flank of a Armored Company of Imperial Guard and survive.

And, ten points towards the painting total, which makes my rough goal for the month.

The Claws get it with extra cheese

Okay, so I purchased an Epistolary Librarian in terminator armor for my Brazen Claws, and then modified him to be carrying a storm shield.  2+/3+ save, two psychic powers per turn (probably Warp Gate and Null Zone), and leading a five-man squad of assault termies deep striking onto the table.

My 400 point Death Star unit.  Let's see how they do tonight.  Plus (with the FLGS's 10% discount), the last $20 from the monthly budget.  I'll be scratchbuilding terrain for my ATZ campaign this month.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brazen Claws Win!

Brazen Claws win!  Brazen Claws win!

This morning I tried something different--I invited two people from the 40K group that meets on Tuesday to come and game at my house this morning.  That meant Space Marines and pancakes for me.

The first match was against Khorne Berzerkers.  By the end of the battle my 1400 pt. army had been whittled down to my landspeeder, while my opponent just had a unit of bloodcrushers.  Humorously my opponent's bloodthirster was killed destroying my predator tank (it blew up, taking his last wound).
The armies of Khorne make their way across the table

Despite us virtually wiping the other army out, my opponent had four victory points to my one, making it a solid win for him.

The second game was the Brazen Claws against Necrons, which have the reputation for being a notoriously difficult army to beat.  But it was one of those games where everything went right: I made armor saves, I rolled high on vehicle damage, and continually had my librarian's psychic powers work without error.  While neither of us managed to recover "the Relic" in the game, my Brazen Claws had drawn both first blood and destroyed his Warlord, while the Necrons had made it into my deployment zone, making it 2-1 in terms of victory points, in favor of the Blue and the Red!  The Brazen Claws enjoy their first victory ever!

The Brazen Claws pile into some Necron Warriors
Needless to say I'm feeling better about these guys.  I'm wondering if I need to just start buying units that work better in Sixth Edition (e.g. assault termies and sniper scouts) rather than start a new army.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ogre Chieftan

I decided, rather than get too distracted on the worktable by Brazen Claws or the like, to finish instead the Ogre Chieftan I had started instead.

I have to say, I'm pleased how it turned out.  I am also pleased when I have the chance to photograph a miniature in natural lighting.  

And, two points to the painting goal.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Claws take another hit

Not only did I manage to get over to the FLGS yesterday, but I even got to play a game of 40K.  I also got an earful from people complaining why they don't like the new rules.  Here are some high-points:

  • That when you move through difficult terrain, the rule says you pick the lowest two dice.  When you have the special ability to move through cover, you get to roll four dice.  And still pick the lowest two, which statistically means you might do worse.
  • The difficulty of hitting/wounding specialist characters in units in the shooting phase.
  • The ability to peel off the hull points from tanks, especially light ones, destroying the vehicle with low-strength weapons.  I got to see that one first hand.
Most people thought the pendulum on the tank issue had been swinging back and forth between the editions.  I don't really know, but I wouldn't be surprised.  Most of the people there thought that Space Marines (and their Chaos brothers) had gotten the worst of it, resulting in some sympathetic looks in my direction.

Anyways, I got a game in.  Here's a pic:

That'd be my Brazen Claws against Chaos Daemons. I held up well for most of the game until he got his entire army on the board and began tearing through me with flamers and their "no armor, no cover save" templates.  In the end I was pretty well crushed by turn 5.  I had a good time, however, because I played against an enjoyable opponent, even to the point of inviting them to come over on Saturday for a game at my house.

So my only semi-competitive army now drops to quasi-competitive as the tanks I added to the roster are now more vulnerable.  Moreover Space Marines now suffer from codex creep.  I'm still planning on finishing painting all the existing units and vehicles before either a) adding to the army or b) building a second, more competitive one.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Ogre Chieftan

In addition to it being the 4th of July, it's Wednesday so I thought I'd share what's on the workbench.  Right now I'm working on the Ogre Chieftan from the Reaper Miniature's "Bones" line.

The fact that I haven't finished either project from the previous week shows how disorganized I am lately.  But I tend to move with my interest.  Once this guy is finished I'll go back and get the other two done fairly quickly.

Happy 4th of July!

I love me those secular holidays that don't require me to work.  I spent the Fourth with my family, going for a drive in the park, swimming at the pool, and then trying out the new Warhammer 40K rules with my son: his tyranids vs. my space marines.

Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy; I used my phone rather than a digital camera.  Mac had a better army list, including tyranid warriors with deathspitters that just tore through my bikers and one of my tactical squads.  The squad did handily deal with this termagaunts, while the other squad and a chaplain took care of a unit of genestealers and a lictor.  When the smoke cleared he still had his tyrant and the warriors, and I only had the chaplain.  I will say I forewent the vehicles just because I knew he didn't have much that could've damaged them.

The new rules were pretty smooth to implement, as a side note.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July appears to be Warhammer 40K month

So I blew my entire monthly gaming budget on a copy of the sixth edition of Warhammer 40K.  I got suckered because my FLGS was offering the book at the "introductory" price of $59.99.  I don't know what conclusions to draw from a store selling a brand new game for 20% off, but it was enough of a discount for me to take the bait.

I haven't read my way through the entire book (it's pretty big) but I have read through most of the rules sections.  There are other blogs that outline the changes in the new edition in detail but what struck me the most was the enhanced tactical role movement and miniature placement now possessed.  You can move part of a unit and have the part that didn't move count as not moving for shooting purposes.  You can now choose to "focus fire" on a portion of a unit that is out of cover and have a better chance to hit but only remove that portion of the unit as a casualty.  The new edition continues to use "true line of sight" meaning if you can see the demon prince's arm (but not wing, weapon, horn, or banner) you can shoot him.  Removing figures from units is now based on how close the figure was to the shooting unit, so putting your assault weapon in the front (where its flamer template could be most effective) is now a bit of a gamble.  The same goes for your sergeant.  It's an interesting development that makes the game less abstract rather than more abstract (which seems to be the direction other sci-fi games, like Tomorrow's War are heading).

GW also seems to be genuinely interested in getting those heavy weapon options back into troop choices, since you can now "snap fire" move-or-shoot weapons with a BS of 1 if they have moved.  It doesn't work for template weapons, but I'd be willing to shoot off a krak missle or a lascannon with a 1:6 chance of hitting while my Space Marines were legging it around the field, just on the off chance their hit something.

I have not gotten to the whole "narrative campaign" section of the book yet, although it looks promising.  I also don't know if the rules will curb the rampant use of vehicles over infantry that seems to be the usual course at my local gaming store.  I do know that I have fallen for GW's classic marketing strategy, having purchased a new rule book so I can continue to use the army on which I have spent hundreds of dollars out in the public arena (aka the "good money after bad" strategy).  As a result, I probably won't have enough for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying supplement for the Civil War.  Is this buyer's remorse?  Maybe.  It was my taking advantage of a limited-time offer to say about $15 that I would have, in all likelihood, ended up spending at some point when I decided to cart my Brazen Claws over to the FLGS in another attempt to find wargaming satisfaction outside of my own basement.

What it will do is probably inspire me to go ahead and finally finish up painting the aforementioned Brazen Claws.  I basically have two units of terminators, a unit of scouts, a razorback and a predator to paint.  45-50 points of painting, and then I could put the "Jayhawk Marines" to bed.


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